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Video copyright © 2013 by Fraser Health Authority.
For more information contact: fabio.feldman at

Executive Producers:
Fabio Feldman, PhD; Vicky J Scott, RN, PhD

Writing, Production & Sound:
Crystal Stranaghan, BA, MPsychSC-Health Psychology

Izabela Bzymek & Mike Linton

Narration & Voices:
Simon Hayama, BFA, RMT

Research Team:
Fabio Feldman, PhD
Vicky J Scott, RN, PhD
Michael Wasdell
Alex Korall, BSc
Roslyn Gillan
Donna Ross
Tracey Thompson-Franson
Pet-Ming Leung, PT, MSc
Lisa Lin, BSc


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3 thoughts on “The Video

  1. My mother is in a LTC facility & is falling. I love your video! I am going to talk to the nurse manager at her LTC facility and hopefully purchase hip protectors for her (they won’t be supplied by the LTC facility). When I get the hip protectors I’ll definitely ask & encourage the staff to watch your video. The video mentions other videos that follow this one, but I don’t see where I can view them. Can you tell me how to see the other videos? Thanks so much!

    • The other videos are actually included right in the main one – that’s just referring to all the content that comes after (in some places they are used separately, but we combined them all for easy viewing here). Sorry for any confusion! SafeHip & HipSaver are the two recommended brands.

  2. Thanks so much for your reply, Crystal. I talked to the nurse at the LTC faciliity yesterday and I asked if any other residents there wore hip protectors. She told me that several residents wore them & that they actually supply them (cost free)! I was so happy to find out that I was wrong to assume that they wouldn’t supply them there and I wonder if there might be others who are unaware that they might be available to them. We live in Ontario. I would think that what the LTC facilities supply is standardized across Ontario at least. I was also suprised (and a little disappointed) that this was not mom’s first fall & that nobody else suggested the hip protectors. They suggested a walker a couple of times but mom (like many elderly) refuses to use one. I’m a physiotherapist & don’t get me wrong, walkers are very good for people who are cognitively intact but I’ve seen some people with dementia who have fallen over their walkers & hurt themselves.

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